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English Club Sees Macbeth Live

The BMC English Club tried something new this semester and took a trip on October 22 to see a live performance of Macbeth. The first destination was Cafe Piazza, a beautiful Italian restaurant with delicious pastas and sandwiches with a beautiful sunset for a view. Afterwards, the club picked up lawn chairs and went out to Collierville Town Square, where they watched the production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The town square was decorated beautifully, and a Christmas tree was already decked out along with the gazebo and various string lights setting the mood for the performance.

The Shout-Out Shakespeare group did a wonderful job putting on this play. There were six members of the company, and each one did a marvelous job working the perfect emotions and actions into their characters. The lines spoken were very true to that of the script itself and the music they included added much to help make the picture even more vivid. Because of the small size of the cast, each member, aside from the actor who played Macbeth, played more than one character. The cast did a wonderful job of using props to further the story, turning red cloth into blood, and using wraps of plaid to create the illusion of different characters. And in an interesting reversal from traditional Shakespearian actors, Lady Macbeth took her part in the character switching by becoming a man as her secondary part of Duncan required.

By the time the play was over, everyone around was smiling from ear to ear; it seemed like the satisfaction was contagious. This trip was very well received and the members of the English Club that participated were very happy with what they came and watched.


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