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FBI on the Mountain

Watch out Blue Mountain! The FBI is coming to the mountain with the new Criminal Justice Professor John Mayer. Mayer said that he grew up in the south in general, but stated that he “moved around a lot growing up before settling down in Tennessee.”

When asked why he chose Blue Mountain, Mayer stated, “I think choosing Blue Mountain was a God thing; I was in the process of applying to several schools when I saw that online, Blue Mountain had an opening. At the time, I had never heard of Blue Mountain but felt the urge to apply. Everything else fell into place easily, and here I am.”

Mayer decided to teach in the criminal justice field because of his experience in the criminal justice system. He stated that another motive that prompted him to become a professor was getting to “train the next generation of criminal justice professionals.” He is also a student, and notes that he is “currently in the process of getting [his] doctorate in Criminology.”

Mayer stated that while he was growing up, his dad worked in the profession as a law enforcement specialist which got him interested in criminal justice. Mayer also notes that he knows martial arts. He said, “I am very friendly and approachable, so do not be afraid to say ‘hey’ if you see me around campus.” Mayer said that while he teaches at Blue Mountain, his “ultimate goal is to be supportive of others and help students grow into hard working professionals.”

Finally, when asked about what he hopes student will get from being here, he stated, “I am hoping that CJ students and all Blue Mountain students look outside of just Mississippi. It is a big and exciting world that God has made. I hope local students interact with their foreign peers and learn from them. I want them to see the world, experience other places and then, when it is time, bring that knowledge home.”

This semester he is teaching Intro to Criminal Justice, Police Administration & Organizations, Criminal Investigations, Understanding the Criminal Mind & Contemporary issue is Criminal Justice. In the spring semester he will be teaching Criminal Law, Intro to Forensic Science, Intro to Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice and Intro to the Martial Arts. Mr. Mayer will also be presenting “My Life in the FBI” on September 28 at 6:30 in Garrett Auditorium. Everyone is invited to attend.


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