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Flying High: Topper Volleyball

The volleyball team has been playing incredibly this year and their record proves it with a 14-game winning streak before the streak ended against Loyola. They ended their regular season with a record of 26-7 on the season and 11-3 in conference.

What they have accomplished is incredibly impressive and it is no doubt that this is one of the most spectacular seasons that the volleyball toppers have ever had. They have made great strides in many different areas to improve as a team.

The main reason they have been so successful is the impressive play by the offense. Anna Lucas is an outstanding setter with an amazing 920 assists on the year; also, Taylor Wright and Julianna Taylor have 336 and 331 kills, respectively. In addition, Tori Walker has 236 kills and Skyler Benson has 197 kills. Overall, as a team Blue Mountain has 1,384 kills while their opponents have only 1,067 kills this season. They have plenty of offensive weapons that have been extremely efficient and helped lead the way in Toppers wins.

Another main component is their defense, which has been like an iron wall with its many digs and block assists this year. As a team, they have 1,955 digs on the year. Jaiyah Jackson leads the team with 503 digs while their opponents only have 1,927 digs. This means they are not letting the other teams score their points easily and are doing all they can to prevent them from getting any points on the board. They are strong defensively and will keep it up to make sure that they outscore their opponents like they have been doing the entire year.

They have had an incredible year. The impressive coaching from Reid Gann has helped propel the Volleyball Toppers to dominance. Since he has come to Blue Mountain, he has put up two building seasons. This season is their breakout year despite only being the third year that Blue Mountain has had a volleyball team, which is an incredibly difficult feat in such a short amount of time.


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