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Happy Snow Day Surprise

Despite this past year with COVID-19 and all that the world has seen, despite all we have been through, there was a surprise waiting for us upon our return to school. A snowy surprise this January 11 of the new school year has brought very much comfort as well as cheer! Blue Mountain College was having its orientation like normal, but early that day it began to snow incessantly. In silent fury, the snow flew out of the sky and everywhere onto the ground below. People said that the snow was actually an unexpected surprise that Monday.

When snow does come in Mississippi, everyone loves to enjoy the off time outside or inside by making the most of the pleasant snowy surprise. The people who enjoy outside might make snow angels, snowmen, or go for a sled ride. Others might just decide to stay inside while drinking anything hot because it feels too cold for them to go outside a lot; but they still relax by watching others have fun or TV. One snow lover, Grady Lucas, even enjoyed hunting in the snow before it bid its final adieu. With all the people at Blue Mountain College who have come from various places, with some having been used to more or less snow in many cases, everyone loved this year’s snow very much.

Sadly, the next day half the snow was gone, yet I built a little snowman, leaving it on a table outside. It was but one of the many tiny snowmen built in the snow that had welcomed the new school year, a snow that has since disappeared as fast as COVID-19 came last year. But, despite the gloom of last year, at least people got a welcoming snow this new year. May the memory and warmth of this day last.

People’s recollections on the snow day are here:

“It was the first proper snow day of the winter season. […] I had a friend whose kid built an adorable snowman using skittles for the eyes, mouth, nose, and buttons. […] Even made hot chocolate for the first time this session too. It was beautiful while it lasted.”

~Courtney Eaker

“I spent the day working at our coffee shop, but it was super pretty and made some cute pictures. […] I am not a fan of cold very much!"

~Imani Kirven

“It was a nice surprise [to have the] snow day […] so we could stay inside and watch movies. It was more of a dusting of snow compared to what I grew up used to in England, so we did not really go outside and play.”

~Caitlin Norrell

“It was not a whole bunch of snow, but […] the most I have seen in Mississippi in a long while. [....] I saw several mini snowmen on campus [...] with pennies or little rocks for eyes. […] It was cute. [...] A friend of mine made ice cream for our friend group out of the snow.”

~Blair Dean


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