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Hitting the Road

Traveling during the holidays is inevitable! People from around the world pack up a few nights’ worth of clothing and hit the road to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, the country is undergoing a pandemic which might limit some people on their traveling plans. However, there are those who are still looking forward to traveling this year.

The students and staff at Blue Mountain College are thrilled about this semester finally coming to an end so that they can have a much-needed vacation. This semester in particular has been stressful for Blue Mountain College students due to the lack of breaks. Mikayla King states, “I am excited about the longer winter break, but it has made this semester more stressful. Those breaks in between help a lot more than I realized.” Luckily, because there were no breaks, the winter break has been extended. During this break many students and staff have confided that they are going to use this time to travel whether it be for pleasure, family gatherings, or ministry.

King is going out of state to Kentucky so that she can visit her family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She is excited about all the food that she will get to share with her loved ones. Even though she has taken some smaller day trips, this will be the first overnight trip that she will be taking since COVID-19. She also states that she did not have any concerns when it comes to the thought of traveling during the pandemic. King is not the only one that will be visiting family this year.

Caitlyn Kelly is traveling to Missouri to spend time with her family in their cabin. She says that she is excited about the trip even if she has already made the trip this year. She also states, “This the first time I have travelled since Covid hit. I have gone to Missouri twice to work on building our hunting cabin and I have also gone to Texas to stay a week with my father. This won't be any different from the other times I went to Missouri.” Kelly also says that she is most excited about getting to see her dad. She only gets to see him for a week out of every month, so this is a great deal for her and her family.

Jessica Neal is also excited about traveling this year. She is going on a ski trip with some of her fellow church leaders. Neal is also aware of the situation that is at hand:“I know there will be challenges we will face, but I am expecting a lot of the regulations and stress of the virus to be lowered as the time passes between now and then.” She is ready to have a getaway and enjoy her friends and the snow she will encounter. She is most confident that “we will all be able to respect the protocols put in place and have a safe and yet very fun trip.”

So, whether you are staying within the state or going out of the country for the holidays, remember to have fun, stay safe, and eat good!


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