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Homecoming Festivities: Spirit Week

In spirit of the 150th anniversary of Blue Mountain Christian University, the Senior Class of 2024 decided to put on a week-long spirit week. Spirit week was a long week of dressing up to match the theme. Monday was Pink Out Day in honor of breast cancer, Tuesday was Disney/ Movie Day, Wednesday was Decades Day, Thursday was Jersey vs Camo Day and Friday was Topper Pride.

Monday the 30th started the week-long festivities with Pink Out. This theme was chosen in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the day, students and staff could be seen wearing pink. Some students went all out with their entire outfits being pink, while other students could be seen wearing pink shirts. The night ended with FCA having a Halloween themed party where the winner of the costume contest got a Free FCA hoodie.

Tuesday the 31st was Halloween, and students continued the celebration of Spirit week with Disney/ Movie Day. Throughout the day students could be seen wearing all kinds of costumes, from Kim Possible to Indiana Jones. The festivities continued into the night with a Halloween party hosted by the BSU. This party started with a short devotion by Tyler Golden who is the BMCU campus missionary. Following the devotion, hot chocolate and smores was served. The party ended with a costume contest where the top three best costumes got a small goodie bag full of candy. Erin Dunn and Sarah Martindale won first place with Octavius and Jedediah from Night at the Museum. Second place went to another group costume with Vivian Housley, Kaylee Turner, Brianna Wilder and Lily-Ann Smith dressed as the characters from Despicable Me, and third place went to Carolyn Meeks as Adam Sandler.

Wednesday the 1st was Decades Day with students and staff dressed in vintage clothing. This theme was chosen by a student poll. Some students chose to dress in outfits from their grandparents’ closet while others used what they had to come up with a vintage outfit.

Thursday the 2nd was Camo vs Jersey Day. Most students decided to wear camo or some colors that look like camo, but some students were seen wearing t-shirts with a sports team on them.

Friday the 3rd was Topper Pride Day. This day was chosen due to it also being Founder’s Day. Most students were seen wearing BMCU sweatshirts and t-shirts, but some society members represented their societies.


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