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If Not Us, Then Who?

Blue Mountain College has always considered service an important aspect of a student’s life while at BMC. Service is a great Biblical value, and Blue Mountain College aspires to instill this value into the heart of each student. Every class, club and society is highly encouraged to plan a service project to span throughout the school year. These projects can be school based, locally/community based, or even nationally/worldwide based. Most projects are still in the planning process, but there is much potential for great and impactful service projects from BMC students this year.

Each class is planning a service project for the year. The senior class has chosen to help the Student Body Association with making shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Their goal is to collect two hundred boxes campus wide. The sophomore and junior classes have discussed sponsoring a food drive to donate food to the community.

BMC societies also have service projects in the works. The Bereans brought up an idea to potentially place recycling bins around campus to recycle plastic bottles. This year, the Modenians are donating items to Banah, a crisis pregnancy center in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Also, the English club is planning to sponsor an equivalent to a Little Free Library on campus in which they will donate books for students to borrow through the mini library.

Modenian president and senior BMC student Caitlyn Kelly believes in the importance of service projects. She says, “It is important to remember that some people may not be as fortunate as we are. For example, we get to walk around and speak to people any time we want, yet there are some elderly who don’t have family members who come see them. A service project could be as easy as going to sit with them and swap stories. There are also things like donating to charities or businesses. As Modenians, we are collecting donations for Banah, a nonprofit organization that helps pregnant couples, wed or unwed. They hold Bible studies, give therapy, hold sessions for parents on how to care for babies, give ultrasounds, and continue to help and care for families even after the baby is born. You can find almost anything to help spread joy or help physically within your community. You just have to put the effort into setting your plan into action. We often hear the saying ‘If not us, then who? If not now, then when?’ I believe that if we just sit back and not help the community, then the world will never get better. We can use this time of need to help spread the Word and awareness of this need for change. People need to start helping and sharing if we want to make this world a better place.”

Service projects are more than just an item ticked off of a checklist. They are opportunities for students to leave an impact on this campus and the community as a whole.


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