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Impact of Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida has devastated a lot of people and communities across the United States, and some of those affected are our own students and faculty members of Blue Mountain College.

One of the many students that has been affected by the tropical storm is Cameron Hill, who lives near the coast. Even though his home and property were not touched by the hurricane, his family still had to evacuate. Despite his family and home having gotten through the disastrous storm unscathed, the potential of his family being hurt while he was over four hours away at school has had a visible effect on him. It was remarkably difficult for him to be able to do nothing but wait to hear if his family made it out of the area before the storm hit. Cameron did not know how dangerous the hurricane would be, but he knew that no matter how bad the storm would be, it was still a remarkably powerful storm capable of wreaking havoc on communities that were thriving. We can see such effects on other communities such as Biloxi, coastline towns and cities, and those living in Louisiana, to name a few.

The amount of devastation that Hurricane Ida had on the south as well as the east coast has caused anywhere from 16 to 24 billion dollars (about $74 per person in the US) in damage and has set back a lot of people, families, and communities. Small businesses that were affected by the flooding have not only lost their businesses, but also their homes. Some even perished in the storm or in the aftermath.

Everyone knows someone, whether they are a loved one or someone they barely know, who has been affected by Hurricane Ida. The best thing you can do for them now is to pray and ask if they need anything and check up on them. Some people have lost everything that means something to them, so be there to support them and try to offer a helping hand, because when you are in a tough situation, sometimes all you need is someone to be looking out for you and lending their support.


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