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Improve Women's Soccer Team to Improve School

Why would a student-athlete choose to come to Blue Mountain Christian University? Some features that student-athletes look for before joining a school or a team are a degree they want to study, good facilities, and an excellent living environment.

Recruiting international student-athletes brings more diversity to the school and the teams at BMCU. One example of this is the BMCU women's soccer team, which has seven international players this semester. But how can international student-athletes get more information about the school or the team?

Blue Mountain Christian University has a website that provides all the required details on academic offerings and a sports page where people can see the teams’ rosters and get the coaches’ contact information. However, something that would make the website more useful to prospective students would be showing highlight videos. Another helpful addition would be a campus and sports complex tour video which could help future student-athletes decide whether or not to apply to BMCU. In order for this to happen and to make sports reels more accessible to viewers, the women's soccer team needs a better quality camera to record their games.

On top of that, players' families and friends want to support them, but not all of them can come to the games in person to show their support. This is especially true for the international students. Who will finance the media improvement? The team could request school funds or get students involved in fundraising. The contribution of sponsors would also be a great way to finance media improvements. On a smaller scale, creating an Instagram account could also help the team and the school to become more well-known and connect with family and friends.

Woman’s BMCU soccer coach Lauren Lear said, “Getting funds would help our program by having a more comfortable budget to work with. We could update our equipment as well as our team image.” Obtaining funds would improve the quality of the team. During the past fall season, the women's soccer team represented the school well. Indeed, the Lady Toppers earned 10 SSAC Awards and the Sportsmanship Award.

A good team attracts more student-athletes to consider attending Blue Mountain Christian University. Publicizing the woman’s sports team’s games would give more potential athletes the resources they need to consider Blue Mountain Christian University a viable option for their athletic career. And in this way, funding the BMCU Lady Toppers brings bring more money to the school for other improvements.


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