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It's a Good Good Friday

Blue Mountain College Manages a Break

Blue Mountain students were excited to finally receive a break over the Easter holidays. April 2nd, otherwise known as Good Friday, was the first official break the school has offered this semester since MLK Day in February. Though a series of inclement weather has provided quite a few virtual learning days, Good Friday was the first work-free holiday in weeks.

Prior to the break, students were eagerly anticipating the time off. This semester, though shortened in span, has nevertheless been a long one. Classes are as difficult as ever, and without the typical spring break, brain power is running thin for many. “We are all stressed and drained from life,” Kylie Fink, a sophomore Psychology major, stated. “[The break] comes at the perfect time.” Freshman English major Alaina Wilder agreed, saying, “People will be excited to be off.” Both students looked forward to the time with family, and they expected the holiday to revive flagging morale and give everyone the needed rest to finish the semester strong.

Students weren’t the only ones looking forward to the holiday. Dr. Teague, director of the TLC, was also excited about time with family and a break from the rigors of academics. Her family was able to be together for the first time in a while, and she saw the holiday as a time to focus on Easter, away from the stress of the school year. “Overall,” she said, “I think for most it will be a refreshing, energizing break as we head into the home stretch.” She went on to add, “For students, faculty, and staff, everyone needs a break, and it comes at a good time.”

Easter is always a special time, especially for Christians as we come together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Last year, the holiday was shrouded with the ever-present threat of COVID, but this year’s celebration was much different. The majority of churches have re-opened their doors, and though things like cantatas and potluck meals were out of the question, believers were able to join together in person to worship the risen Christ. As students return to campus after the much-needed rest, they can remember the power of our God. They can find comfort in the knowledge that He has defeated both sin and death. He Who is strong enough to deliver us from our sins can surely give us the strength to conquer the last few weeks of the semester.


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