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Kicking Off the Semester

Blue Mountain College recently offered two fun events for students returning for the spring semester. The first was the BSU Welcome Back party, given the moniker of “Masks and Muffins”. The other was a halfway historic event, as a Chick-fil-A food truck parked at the corner of Main Street and provided delicious sandwiches and chicken nuggets for the entirety of Tippah County.

The BSU has a welcome party at the beginning of every semester and always promise a clever, alliterative title for a night of fellowship and entertainment. Masks and Muffins was no different, providing an evening of games and Hostess muffins. Though COVID restrictions prevented close interaction, there was still ample opportunity for fun. The crowd was split into six or seven groups of five or six apiece, playing elimination games like Count ’Em Up and Rock, Paper, Scissors that came down to one winner out of all the groups. Peyton Mansfield and Jillian McCollum proved to be champions at the majority of the games, but BSU director Tracy Moser held her own in one of them. Everyone was sent home with a pack of muffins, a delicious ending to a delightful evening.

Two days later, the bright red Chick-fil-A food truck rolled onto Main Street. They arrived at 11 AM, and lines made up of college students and Blue Mountain residents alike immediately formed. The menu was comprised of Chick-fil-A’s finest: the original chicken sandwich, 8-piece nuggets, waffle fries, and fudge brownies. Some people reported waiting in line at least half an hour, a testament to the restaurant’s acclaim. The BSU added to the hype by distributing stuffed cows at that day’s Noonday. Over a decade ago, the Cathy family (the founders of Chick-fil-A) visited BMC and brought hundreds of these cows with them. Their generosity lives on in this current generation of students who received a cow.

Both events were an exciting way to begin the new semester. Though many students are still weary from the fall semester, this spring is shaping up to be a good one. The Chick-fil-A truck has already come back twice, offering hope that it will continue to do so throughout the semester—a welcome word for all BMCers. The BSU also provides frequent opportunities for safely gathering with fellow students, times to get away from schoolwork for an hour or so and just enjoy one another’s company. As 2021 progresses, these and other activities will continue to provide glimmers of hope for the rest of the semester.


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