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Leading Learners

Blue Mountain College has a strong tradition of student leadership and student led activities. Each year, multiple student organizations meet to bring improvement to campus and new activities to students, such as the student societies and the SBA. One of the main ways that students can become involved in student leadership is to be elected to their class leadership. Students from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes all elect officers who lead their meetings each month. In these meetings, the officers lead the class as they pursue student led service projects and student led events.

Randall Lindigrin is the president of the senior class this year. He says that he “wanted to be class president because [he] felt like the LORD wanted [him] to be in a leadership position.” He says that one of the ways he connects with his class is to send a weekly email of encouragement.

Each president has a unique viewpoint on their class, which gives them an exclusive understanding when leading them throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why student led leadership is so important. Lindigrin says his class “has wonderful people who have a heart for Christ and other people on campus admire them and trust them. Whether they have a leadership position or not, there are a lot of people on campus who turn to them for help and guidance”. This perspective on a class can also help the leaders as they focus their efforts on the student led service projects.

Joshua Taylor is the president of the junior class and has a similarly unique viewpoint of his class. He says that being class president is “awesome!” He says that “[his] class [are] hard workers but they know how to lean back and just have fun!” When asked how he would like to make our student body better, he said that a focus on communication would be important.

A huge part of the student leadership position is a focus on the class led service project. Josh says that “[his] focus would be to have a big project for the whole junior class to come and help clean up around the whole campus!” Randall says he is also focused on finishing the class project for the senior class.

The class president for each class also focuses on how they can make our campus better. Randall says that “Whatever our class votes on for our class projects, we will do our best to complete it for the Glory of God and the good of Blue Mountain College.” This is the spirit of the BMC student leader, to support their class as they move towards Christ centered service.


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