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Learning to Serve

Service projects are an important part of communities because they allow students to give back to people that are in need. Blue Mountain Christian University teaches that loving our neighbor as ourselves is one of the most important lessons of the Bible. The Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes will be doing a food drive in Ripley that will provide food for the less fortunate and allow the students of BMCU to practice showing God’s love in tangible ways.

The senior class will be doing a shoebox project where the students fill shoe boxes with items that will be given to children for Christmas; this is part of a nationwide effort known as Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan's Purse. Destiny Dill, the Vice President of the Junior class, said, “I am excited to see how we are able to help anyone who is in need and come together as a community.” The Senior class president has worked hard to guide the students through the shoebox project, and the Senior class leadership team walked around campus asking not only the Senior class but other students and staff members to participate.

The women’s soccer coach Lauren Leer said, “This is something that is important because it allows us to give back to the community that supports our athletes and students.” Service projects are something that Blue Mountain Christian University has always done during holiday seasons. The shoebox gifts being collected will go to either a boy or girl who will receive it as a Christmas gift. The box requires toothpaste, toothbrushes, adhesive bandages, shirts, and pants etc., as well as any other toys and gifts that fit the criteria given by the Operation Christmas Child, which you can find on their site. Also, Samaritan’s Purse asks for students to put ten dollars in the box to help with the cost of shipping these boxes across the globe. Once the shoebox is full, the students are required to drop off the boxes at the Office of Student Services.

This project also is not just intended to help people here in Blue Mountain or Ripley, but it is also something that helps people globally and that makes an impact for the Kingdom. Blue Mountain Christian University strives to teach its students the importance of service and give them opportunities to put what is learned into practice. Learning to serve and how to serve is a large part of the curriculum at Blue Mountain Christian University. These service projects are very important not just to the community but to the students at this university as well.


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