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Lessons and Carols Remind Us of Truth

The Festival of Lessons and Carols has been a tradition at BMC for years. This year, Dr. Greg Long, the Department Head of Music, put on the fifth annual festival since the tradition was revived years ago. The concert contains songs beautifully sung by the BMC chorale and directed by Dr. Long himself. The program contained ten carols with lessons in between each carol. The lessons included:

· God telling us that woman will crush the serpent’s head

· Isaiah the prophet foretelling about the Savior

· Micah the prophet foretelling the glory of Bethlehem

· The angel Gabriel saluting the virgin Mary

· The Gospel of Matthew telling the birth of Jesus

· The Gospel of Luke telling the birth of Jesus

· Angels announcing the Shepherds going to the manger

· The wise men following the star to Jesus

· The Gospel of John telling the mystery of incarnation

The lessons were each told by a member of the faculty or administration at BMC. The program also included a flute solo from our very own Mrs. J.J. Hatfield Curry, and voice solos by George Parks, Benjamin Mann, Margret McCain, and Kahlen Swoger. The congregation was also encouraged to sing along with the Chorale during the classic holiday carols. The event was perfect to bring holiday cheer and spread light to these dark times.

Everyone needs a little holiday cheer, especially with the year we’ve experienced. We can always count on Jesus and Christmastime to bring joy and light to the darkness.


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