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Light on the Mountain

Blue Mountain College is an institution that strives to put God and His amazing gospel message above all else in everything that is done on campus. One of the new ways our campus is focusing on a gospel first message is the Night of Worship the BMC Band and Choir on April 19.

The BMC fine arts department has been trying to put on the night of worship for some time and is excited to finally see it come to fruition. Mr. William Curry, Band director, says that “We tried to get a worship night going before COVID happened. I believe that our college and community need to worship together, and this Worship Night will help that.” Mr. Curry has asked “several churches [to join] us for the Night of Worship. As of now, [there are] 5 churches joining us.” This outreach is a great way for Blue Mountain College to connect with the area churches, many of which will eventually have staff trained on our campus.

This worship night is not only for our BMC family and the churches who are participating. Says Mr. Curry, “Our community and local area communities are welcomed to come join us for this wonderful night of worship. It is my hope and prayer that the light of Jesus will shine bright on the mountain that night.” The outreach planned for the Night of Worship is not going to be a one-time event, as Mr. Curry states that “[They] plan on continuing the Night of Worship annually.”

Every aspect of the Night of Worship has been carefully prayed over to produce a worshipful and God honoring night. When asked about the process of planning the night, Mr. Curry said, “Picking music for worship has to begin with prayer and asking for God’s direction. There was a moment earlier this semester when I was driving to work, I was listening to music and “O Praise the Name” came on. It was a light bulb and I heard God saying, “No Other Name”. He gave me my direction and I chose the music based on those three words.” With this direction, the BMC Night of Worship begins a new tradition of calling people to focus-both collectively and personally-on the One Name above all other Names.


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