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Missionary on Campus

Blue Mountain’s BSU has a new staff member on board. BMC alumni Tyler Golden is the campus missionary, which is a new position for the BMCU Baptist Student Union. His job is to work alongside the BSU and focus on fostering discipleship as well as developing new relationships with students.

When asked what he loves about his job he noted how much he loves working with students, saying, “[it’s] really fun and enjoyable hanging out with students.” Tyler also has a heart for evangelism and notes that one part of his job he enjoys is his opportunities “to share the gospel with students who may have never heard of it.” While working on the BMCU campus, sharing the gospel with students is one of his main foci.

Each semester the BMCU campus holds a revival that all students attend. The BSU works alongside the other organizers of the event in several ways. BSU staff help council students who respond during the service and work to follow up consistently with students who make professions of faith during the revival. Golden was asked how the revival on campus helped the BSU. He responded, “The revival was a catalyst and brought gospel conversations which allowed the BSU to talk with students who accepted Christ.” The Lord used it to get students thinking about spiritual reality and where their hope is placed.

The new campus missionary position has allowed the BSU to expand and do more on campus and focus on reaching out to more students. This has allowed the BSU staff to interact with more students one on one who may have never gotten to know the Lord prior to becoming a student here on campus.

When asked if there was anything he wanted to say to students on campus Golden replied, “if you are a student on campus whether Christian or not, I want you to see the Lord’s will for your life, and I want to help out however I can through Christ.”

BMCU is excited to welcome Tyler Golden as the new BSU campus missionary. Tyler can be reached via e-mail or phone. His phone number is 601-916-6282 and his email is .


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