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Musical Mania

Music shook the walls of the MLB auditorium April 10-14 at Blue Mountain Christian University. At 6:00 P.M. on April 11th, ensemble bands of all sorts gathered for their Spring Band Concert. Later in the week at 7:00 P.M. on April 13th, the university chorale had an Easter celebration and was later accompanied by a mass choir composed of five local churches.

If anything was clear during these performances, it is that music can bring all people together. The band ensemble performance was a wonder to behold. Five different groups, including the university bands and Jubilation, performed a combined total of eleven songs. The varying genres seemed to appeal to everyone who came to see the performance. The standing ovation and loud applause were just a slight show of the audience’s enjoyment of the pieces that were played that night. It was a great sight to behold, and quite memorable.

Alexis Tyron stated about the band and their performance, “as a member, I love the feeling of being part of a family”. She added that it “also gives me opportunities to use my gifts to lead others in worship or to provide a moment of entertainment.” She highlighted the jazz band performance, stating that it was very lively and energetic to witness. The way that each ensemble came together with their unique style of music was fantastic. The chorale performance showcased voices of all sorts and included several soloists. The first six songs were sung by the university chorale, and their voices carried throughout the room. The following eleven songs combined the BMCU chorale and that of many other churches who were invited to perform. In combined colors of black, red, and blue, each individual on stage sang with power and grace. Destiny Riley said that “performing was really fun for me” and that “the last song [the choir sang was] my favorite to sing.”

Another special part of the chorale performance were the songs where the audience was invited to sing along with the choir. It showed that the audience was entirely connected through song with the singers. Each time the invitation was given to join in the singing, the room radiated with synced rhythm. It was an amazing sight to behold.

Music is something that brings people together, regardless of who they are according to characteristics or traits. The performances given by the BMCU band and choir really exhibited this reality for all to see.


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