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New Box, New Books

One of the core values of Blue Mountain College is service: service to one another, to the body of Christ and to the community. In light of this, each major’s club on campus does a service project every semester to serve the Blue Mountain campus and community.

This year, the club for English Majors decided to make a book box for the campus to use. This will be a box where free books are stored. The books can be borrowed by anyone and returned when finished. People may also donate a book to the box or swap out one of their old books for a new book.

The box will be placed in a central location on campus. Carson Enlow, president of the English club, said that the box is “free to use for anyone on campus; that includes faculty, staff, students and even community members. All they have to do is take a book and/or leave a book.” This free book exchange is a wonderful way to foster community and reading across our campus.

The club will be taking donations of books toward the box soon. Says Enlow, “We are currently trying to organize a book drive so that students can donate books towards the box.” Any students, faculty, or staff, as well as community members are welcome to donate any books they have within the guidelines. “We do ask that no textbooks be donated. Other than that, any book can be donated. Of course, just make sure that it is school appropriate,” says Enlow. These donations will be used to fill the box with books available for everyone to share.

Construction on the box is virtually finished, and the installation will begin soon. The box will be placed on campus by our maintenance staff and will be open for operations as soon as the books are ready.

The club was blessed to have a sponsor for the project throughout the construction process. As Enlow says, “We had a man volunteer to build it free of charge, [and] his name is Carlos Langston.”

When asked why the English club decided to produce a book box for their service project, Enlow stated, “We [chose] this because it is a way to share one [of] our passions to the community and give back at the same time. The box is a great and easy way to obtain free books, and a way to delve into books you may have never thought to try.”

In doing this service project, the English club hopes to foster the student body’s love of books and to grow a community of book sharing and lending, as Enlow stated.

Please consider contributing to this aim by donating books to the new BMC Book Box during the upcoming book drive.


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