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Jerrell Howell: New Coach on Campus

Jerrell Howell is the new BMC powerlifting coach and baseball strength & conditioning coach. I asked him what makes BMC different compared to other places he has worked before, and he said that it is the love for the athletes and the love of the sport that each athlete has. He said that he can see every single one of the players that he is training is willing and ready to get better, and he loves that they share his passion to become better at their sport.

He went to Mississippi State and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and ended up getting an internship at D1 and worked with a lot of different athletes from many different sports. He has even worked with a little league world series team as well as people from the ages of seven all the way up to college and even pros. He has been training athletes to become better for over twelve years and wants to continue pushing the powerlifting and the baseball team to become the best they can be at their given sport.

The main thing that he wanted to improve about the power lifting team was teamwork. A lot of people on the team had issues working as a team and thought of it as an individual type of sport. He wanted them to work together as a group for a common goal and become a team.

The other aspect he wanted to change about the baseball team was that the baseball team did not work out in season. Now, the team will work out in season to be able to maintain what they have done this fall and be able to finish the season strong without injuries throughout.

Jerrel talked about how he has made massive changes in both baseball and powerlifting, making sure the team members are staying healthy and trying to prevent injury rather than just working on pure strength and athleticism.

Jerrel knows that it is better to prevent an injury from ever happening than having to rehab it after the fact. Health is a big part of being able to be successful on the field or in the weight room and he takes it very seriously, even helping team members with their diets and what they should be eating, as well as how much they should be eating.

Jerrel stated, “I’m excited to be able to coach here and help my athletes reach their potential and goals.”


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