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New Questions and Answers

The Blue Mountain Christian University Beacon is launching a new interactive student opportunity this semester. One article in each publication this year will be dedicated to a student poll that has been run by the staff of the Beacon. The questions change each month and cover a variety of subjects that affect students on campus in several ways. These topics could include food in the cafeteria, favorite teachers and other subjects. Each month students on campus will be given the opportunity to respond to the poll and have their answers published in the Beacon in the anonymous survey results.

For the first month, our staff decided to focus the poll on the cafeteria. The poll was set up during the Tuesday lunch rush in the cafeteria, and students were encouraged to answer two questions. These were: “What food would you like to see more of in the cafeteria?” and “What is your favorite food that the cafeteria serves?” A wide variety of students responded to the poll, and faculty also participated. There were twenty-four participants in the poll this month.

The student results reached a semi consensus, with chicken being the dish mentioned most often in some way. Ten responses contained some mention of chicken, either as the favorite food served in the cafeteria or as a dish that they would like to see available more. These responses included grilled chicken three times, fried or breaded chicken at least three times, chicken sandwiches, chicken breast, buffalo wings and just chicken in general. Clearly the students of BMCU have a favorite menu item.

The second most popular dish was pasta in different forms. Students mentioned dishes such as chicken spaghetti, shrimp alfredo, lasagna and spaghetti. Out of all of the pasta responses, spaghetti was the favorite choice, being mentioned in some form in three poll responses.

Although chicken and pasta were the most popular responses, there were several other more varied opinions on the food served. These included wanting items such as okra, salsa casseroles, watermelon, banana pudding, fried fish, BBQ and steaks.

When looking at the data for the first BMCU Beacon poll, it is obvious that students want to see more chicken and pasta in their many respective forms. Other favorites include more fruits and vegetables, and more banana pudding.

The BMCU student poll will be returning to campus for the next issue of the Beacon! If you have ideas for questions the newspaper should ask students, please email them to


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