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New Season, New Play

A new season brings with it a new production by our seasoned BMC theater department. This spring’s play, the “Piety Variety Gospel Show”, centers around “the start of televangelism” according to Mrs. Christi Mitchell. “This is a comedy that shows these church folks in 1960; they’re simple, their hearts’ in the right place, but […] it becomes more of an entertainment, where they’re kind of, in a way, selling products. […] And then at the end of that, they have a situation that comes up where they realize, hey, we’ve lost our way, this isn’t what we thought, we’re not honoring God.”

Embedded in this play is the cautionary tale of letting the desire to work hard for God become an idol.

The students and faculty in the Blue Mountain College theater department work hard to put on a play each year that turns people back to the truths of the gospel. This mission is one of the reasons Mrs. Mitchell chose this play for the school. “Since we are at an unapologetically Christian college, it’s a good fit for us to have anything […] that we can tie the gospel to,” says Mrs. Mitchell.

Tied into this gospel focus are several talent acts by students. These performances encompass several skills and fit into the production as whole by acting as performances on the televangelism show. The production also includes several musical numbers, and the talented cast will perform them throughout the play.

Mrs. Mitchell says that the cast of this production is a major contributor to the choice of this play, saying, “I thought [this play] was a good fit for the students we have.”

Hannah Wilson, the leading female actor of the production, spoke about her enjoyment of working on the project, saying “it […] incorporates a lot of humor while still demonstrating the truth about idolatry.”

The “Piety Variety Gospel Show” is having three shows this semester: February 24, February 25, and February 26 at 7:30 in Garrett Auditorium.

This gospel-centered and talent-filled production has been pored over by our dedicated director, cast and crew to produce a piece that is as timely and edifying as it is entertaining.

Hannah Wilson sums up the play, saying, “I would encourage people to come to our play because not only is it packed full of humor, but it also is filled with beautiful songs and an insightful lesson. [It’s] going to be awesome.”

General Admission is $5; Admission is free for BMC students and faculty (Bring ID) as well as children 5 years old and younger.


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