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Once Upon a Pandemic

This spring's production at Blue Mountain College is a virtual play called Virtually Ever After. The BMC Theatre program is taking the stories of well-known fairy tale characters and relating their tales to COVID times. These characters will be interacting over video calls, just as many of us in the real world have become accustomed to doing.

While the theme of "fairytales during a pandemic" is definitely fun, it has been quite the adjustment for the BMC Theatre program. Trying to figure out how Zoom works, bad Wi-Fi connections, and the necessity of green-screen backgrounds are just the start of the problems pandemic-age theatre programs are learning to face. However, with the bright spirits of the cast and crew and the positive attitude of the theatre teacher, Mrs. Christi Mitchell, the Virtually Ever After production is bound to take BMC by a storm.

The plan is for the production to be recorded and uploaded to YouTube on March 5, and will be available for anyone who is interested to watch. You can watch it on this channel:


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