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Operation Christmas Child is a Go!

Christmas is approaching faster than ever, and students are scrambling to get all their affairs in order before we check out for the holidays. Christmas is a wonderful time to give thanks and count the blessings bestowed upon us by The Lord, and all that is good in the world. Blue Mountain College has given all of its students a chance to spread this warmth and good by participating in Operation Christmas Child this year as a service project, spearheaded by the SBA. It is a wonderful and worthwhile gift, to anyone in need during a time that not everyone else is as fortunate as most students on campus.

It is a worthwhile venture with many rewards in store for anyone willing to participate in this event. A box of goodies and essentials that may not be so common for those that need them is a blessing, and we are doing God’s work by aiding in this extraordinary effort. There is a school wide goal of 200 boxes to be sent out to all the boys and girls in need, ranging from ages 2 all the way up to 14. These boxes are available in front of Student Services in Admin.

“I’m not sure what to donate to the cause.” Worry not, dear reader! There is an answer for every question. There is actually a website for just an occasion such as this at: . All that needs to be done to find the answer is to click on the the tab that mentions “National Collection Week is Coming! November 15-22”, and select the button that says Start Packing. All the information necessary is available within this link. If you miss the deadline, it's ok! Donate elsewhere.

The only thing that needs to be covered is the price for shipping, which is $9. Even then, if you can not donate the $9, fret not! Do not let this deter you from filling a box. If you wish to help, then do so! This is such a wonderful service project, and it means so much more to those in need than we can ever fully grasp the concept of. Most, if not all, items are available at your local Dollar Tree, and can be considerably cheap yet durable to fit a college student’s budget.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask and receive answers. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a child smile and hopefully help make their Christmas even better. BMC can hit that goal of 200, easily! Good luck Toppers, and make a child smile on Christmas by making a shoebox.


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