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Professor Poll: Students Vote

The BMCU Beacon ran a poll in the cafeteria to ask students who their favorite professor was and why. There were 20 submissions to the poll with answers covering teachers from many different disciplines. Although there were many professors mentioned by students in the poll, three were tied for the most votes: Dr. Megelsh, Dr. Mooneyhan and Coach Moser. Answers to the poll noted that these professors related well to students, cared about their students and were passionate about their subjects.

Students who voted for Dr. Megelsh as their favorite professor mentioned that they appreciated his style and that he made history interesting in his classes. One of the students who responded in the poll said, “He brings history to life, which is what I aspire to do as a future history professor.” Dr. Megelsh responded to students’ comments, saying, “It is humbling to hear this. I try my utmost to be my utmost, and I am honored that students think me worthy of being considered a favorite. My students mean so very much to me.” Dr. Megelsh is an Assistant Professor of History at BMCU and holds a Ph.D. from Auburn University.

Another professor chosen by students as a favorite was Dr. Mooneyhan. Students who responded to the poll noted that he was able to relate well to students. Comments about Dr. Mooneyhan included his ability to “explain everything [well] and [teach] students to actually learn.” Another comment noted, “He cares about his teaching and his students.” Dr. Mooneyhan is the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Associate Professor of Exercise Science at BMCU. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas.

Finally, the third professor chosen as a favorite in the poll was Coach Moser. Students who voted for Coach Moser as their favorite professor said that “he is the best” and that “he is involved within the classroom and is energetic about teaching.” Coach Moser responded to students’ comments, saying, “This was a definite surprise and I truly appreciate those kind words. The Lord has blessed me tremendously and it has been a privilege to invest in our students’ lives as a teacher, coach and administrator here at Blue Mountain.” Coach Moser is an Associate Professor of Physical Education at BMCU and holds a M.S. Ed. From Delta State University.

Dr. Megelsh, Dr. Mooneyhan and Coach Moser are all favorite professors on campus and continue to encourage and inspire students in their respective fields. BMCU is proud to count them among students’ favorite professors!


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