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Return to Normalcy

Post Covid-19

At the time of the writing of this article, we’re into week eleven of this semester. It is truly amazing just how quickly this semester has been passing us by and how long Covid-19 has been around.

While most of the state is beginning to ease up on events and situations regarding Covid-19, one prevalent question on campus is: what are the students of BMC most looking forward to once Covid-19 is all said and done? How has it benefitted people in the long run?

The answers are largely and undoubtedly positive in regards for the future. Some can’t wait for concerts and the like to come back, and most everyone is looking forward to the end of this and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The number one response so far is the resounding comment of masks no longer being required. We all seek our past normalcy, even after several months of this new “normal”. Everyone that also says that they miss the opportunities that big gatherings gave them like the plays on campus because it was something that was both entertaining and worthwhile. It was something for students to look forward to, especially if they had an appreciation for the fine arts.

One student in particular had a hilarious but all too true answer for this question. Dylan Sullivan, a senior of BMC and a business major, had this to say: “The biggest thing that I’m looking forward to right now is being able to actually sit in and eat at Wendy’s, instead of always having to go through the drive through.” Many restaurants have opened their dining rooms once again during this pandemic, while there are still others that will only do the drive through.

When asked about how this time of isolation has benefited them, the answers vary. Nathan Bennett, a junior of BMC and a double major of both history and business, said this: “During the time away, I benefited from the extra time to apply myself and work on more important things.” Most shared this answer, but others also shared that they had more time to become organized and better at time managing. Some even managed to teach themselves new things, like taking up the old, dusty guitar and giving it another shot to pass the time.

Covid-19 has made such an impact for all those involved, both good and bad. Our semester was interrupted by it, and it still continues to affect our lives today in more than just the academic sense. But it is up to us to make the best of a bad situation. With all things considered, everyone has high hopes for a future without masks. The future is unknown, but so long as we do our part, Covid-19 will be gone before we know it.


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