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Scribbling It Out

Blue Mountain Christian University has several opportunities for budding writers across its campus including Scribblers, a club that handles writing, feedback, and all the activities pertaining to that.

Writing is something humanity has always found to be intriguing. One can do anything with it, from telling vivid events that happened in reality to making up stories from a utopia never before seen. Whoever holds the pencil, or the tablet, has all of the power in the world to do these things.

Abigail Dean, who plays a notable role in Scribblers, stated that the club is a place that promotes honing writing skills, giving feedback on written pieces, and offering advice along the way for works in progress. She continued to state that sharing pieces of writing and reading through them as a group was what happened there for the most part. As works of writing are being shared, constructive feedback is offered to the writer to help make the offered piece as best as it can be. This is a place where growing writers can share their works in progress, and practice being an active member in workshops. Both skills allow students to advance in their personal writing and the writing required for classes. Works presented at Scribblers can be anything from course work and papers to personal pieces.

When she was asked about what the club did last semester and what they intend to do this semester, Dean stated that last semester marked the club’s resurrection and that the members took time experimenting on what worked best. She stated that there was a low number of members, but that the club was firm in the opinion that it did not hinder their work at all, stating that it made the experience tame. Dean mentioned that the general focus for Scribblers this semester is “to keep doing what we do best— write.”

The Scribblers club offers the experience of mutual support and guidance for their writers' pieces at every meeting. If writing is interesting to you, or you would like advice on a piece that you have in the works, Scribblers would be a great place for you to be.

The club meets every other Tuesday in Guyton Library at 6 pm. Anyone is welcome to show up to the meeting and all are encouraged to attend, whether it be to share a personal work or to listen to the works of others.


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