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Seniors Wrapping Up

Senior projects are a very big deal at Blue Mountain College. Each major and department encourages some kind of farewell assignment that they feel reflects all of the student’s ideals that they have learned in their time at BMC. After years of learning and taking in information, students get the opportunity to show all they have learned and present it to the school as a senior project.

I had the privilege of speaking to three of the students doing senior projects this spring to see how they have absorbed their teachings: Nicholas McGlown, Benjamin Mann, and Sharissa Smith. They submitted the following statements about their senior projects, how they chose their projects, and how they feel that the project encompasses all they have learned while studying here at Blue Mountain College.

Nicholas McGlown (Worship Leadership Project)

“I decided to use these songs because of how they all connect. [...] I wanted biblical basis, songs that would touch souls. I am very excited to finish up. Time has moved exceptionally fast and now time is closing in to walk across the stage May 1st.”

Benjamin Mann (Worship Leadership Project)

“I chose a couple of the songs last year before my project was even considered just because of the memories that I had of singing them (the song “Is He Worthy?”). The rest of the music I came to after doing a presentation this semester. [...] In the chapter, the author gave an outline for worship that, when I read it, I knew I needed to use for my project. He said to basically divide the service up as follows: God (Our God), Man (Amazing Grace), Christ (In Christ Alone / Is He Worthy?), and Response (More Like Jesus / Living Hope). I am not excited about my time on the mountain coming to an end. I hope to earn my doctorate somewhere down the line and am already looking at graduate programs.”

Sharissa Smith (Senior Directing Project)

“I am directing a short one-act play and presenting my acting reel. I like the message and think it will connect with all the other college students here. I think that directing a play brings all the theatre aspects I have learned together. You can’t be a good director without understanding all aspects and jobs of the theatre. I think it helps prove I understand what I am doing and can pull off a production.”

While only three seniors are covered here, there is an entire class of seniors finishing up their education and getting ready to begin their careers. As we send the class of 2021 into the world to build careers, continue education, or make plans for the future, we all wish them luck outside of BMC. To the class of 2021, we are praying for you and wish you the best of luck in this new phase of your life. “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).


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