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Shooting for Greatness

The women’s archery team here at BMCU is aiming for the Las Vegas Shoot tournament on February 2-3, 2023. The team will land in Las Vegas and might get to do some sightseeing, such as the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, according to Couch Humphrey. However, what they are really aiming for is to head to the Las Vegas Shoot to compete as a collegiate team in a tournament that is open to nearly anyone on the planet.

Coach Humphrey is only taking six of his best scoring college archers with him to represent the team at the tournament due to budget constraints; otherwise, he would take everyone on the team. He said that he imagined the ones going would be pretty excited about the trip.

The college archery team is a mixed-sex team, including both boys and girls. Coach Humphrey said that he would be taking “Aleigha McDonald (Women's Fixed Pins), Bailey Holt (Women's Compound), Alexis Garrett (Women's Barebow), Jake Capers (Men's Fixed Pins), Harley Gay (Men's Compound) and Mac Gentry (Men's Barebow)” on the trip with him to represent the archery team.

According to Coach Humphrey, “Sometimes the women archers will compete individually, sometimes as a mixed team (one male and one female archer), and sometimes as a women's team in a specific category (three women archers using the same type of equipment will form a team).” He said that “the four [types of] equipment categories are Barebow, Recurve, Fixed Pins (also referred to as bowhunter), and Compound.” There is no qualifying tournament to get into the tournament, according to Coach Humphrey; archers from around the world are invited to participate in it.

The competition is “the world’s largest indoor archery tournament”, according to “The Vegas Shoot” Facebook page, and the tournament “is hosted by NFAA (National Field Archery Association) and is an indoor event where all archers shoot at a distance of 18 meters at a 40cm bullseye target”, according to Coach Humphrey.


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