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Spring Break 2022

As the deadness of nature springs back to life, so does the fervor in mankind’s bones. This winter has been one to remember with a plethora of tornado, flood, and freeze warnings coming in sporadic waves, sprinkled with dashes of nice and warm weather here and there. Nature and mankind, specifically Blue Mountain College’s students, faculty, and staff need a break––whether it be a breakthrough in life or a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

I sat down with faculty and students to discussing spring break, their plans and what it means to them.

Viviann Housely, member of the Baptist Student Union (BSU), has been looking forward to her spring break. When asked about what spring break means to her, Viviann states that it is “always a time to refresh and reset” and “getting a break from the stresses of school and the studying, reading, and working is always something to look forward to.” Taking a seemingly unorthodox route, Viviann also joins others in the BSU on their journey to Montana. When questioned about why she chose to go on a mission trip rather than refresh and reset, Housley replied that she chose to go on this mission trip “to spread and her further [her] faith”. She also mentions how “others have used their spiritual gifts and abilities to pour into [her faith]”, in which she was “convicted…to do more with her God given abilities” and “use the opportunity to pour into others”. Housley was also asked about why she looked forward to spring break; she replied that she “looks forward to spending time with a great group of godly individuals” and also “spending time with my brother, Cayson Housley”, who is also attending the BSU Mission Trip.

Blair Dean, an English major (Writing) at Blue Mountain College, also sat down with me and talked about her plans with writing over spring break. When asked what spring break means to her, she replied that it “is a time to sit back, relax, and watch the seasons change.” She also mentioned how “it’s a time for everyone, students and teachers and administration alike, to get some time off to have for themselves or with family, to do what they please.” Blair is also an avid writer and a part of The Beacon, the school newspaper organization, and when asked about her plans over the break, she said that she “never plans not to write.” Dean also said that she plans to use spring break to “observe the world around me and incorporate that into some poetry, if at all possible.” She also mentions how she has “some [original] novel ideas” that she is working on. Be on the lookout as her new stories also spring into action!

Dr. Sharon Enzor, Provost and Vice President at Blue Mountain College completed an interview with me as well. When asked what she looks forward to with spring break, she told me that she “looks forward to having three days off from work and being able to spend time with my family”. She also said that her “grandsons are 17 and 15 and it is difficult to spend time with them since they participate in sports…with a long weekend over spring break I plan to catch a couple of hours with them.” When asked why she has looked forward to spring break, she told me “I need to catch up on a few tasks at home that I have let go undone for way too long.” Family time is something extremely valuable and precious, don’t take it for granted. Make sure you spend time with your family this spring break!

I’m sure we all understand the need for a break!


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