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Students Opening Up to Online

With a global pandemic, it is a possibility that Blue Mountain might have to shut down at any time, so our professors and faculty have tried to make that possibility not as scary. With plans ready for the pandemic to take over, Blue Mountain has warned the students that we might have to make the switch to online. Making this switch would indeed be safer, but some issues may rise depending on majors, the type of learner the student is, and the student’s home life.

Different Majors = Different Issues

For some majors—for example, ones that include reading and writing—a transition to online learning would be easier than majors with more auditory and hands-on learning. Many students said things like:

o“I would love it! I would get to stay at home and get more done.”

o“It would be much easier and safer on the students.”

Some majors, music for example, would be much more difficult online and would make online learning very challenging. Students said things like:

o “It would be a nightmare; I need to focus in class to understand.”

o “I would hate it. Learning online is so challenging if I am not able to be in class.”

Majors make a MAJOR difference.

Quality Learning in Question

Some students cannot fully learn to the best of their ability in an online setting, but others thrive.

o Love the idea:

One student said: “I have a lot on my plate and would much rather learn at my own pace in the comforts of my own home. I learn easiest that way.”

o Hate the idea:

Another student said: “I have a short attention span and cannot focus by myself. I do not learn best online.”

Student Life

Many students have elderly family or immune compromised family, which makes attending on-campus classes hard. Many students said:

o “I would love to be able to see my family again!”

o “I think it would be safer with all the cases popping up.”

Overall, faculty has tried to make the possibility of going online much easier if we do have to make the switch. All our assignments are online, and everything is accessible through a computer or our school iPads.

No matter what, BMC has made sure that we will be okay regardless of the outcome. Even if we do struggle, the TLC and our professors are here to help us at any time, so the idea of going online is not so terrifying after all.


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