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Students Rush Toward New Opportunities

As the BMCU fall semester begins to settle into place, the student body prepares to celebrate the years’ long tradition of society rush. Every year, freshman and transfer students go to a week’s worth of parties hosted by each of the societies. These parties help the freshman meet the members of each society and decide which one is the right fit for their needs. After rush week comes pledge night, where students join whichever society they choose.

As freshman and transfer students consider which society they want to join, it is helpful to have a resource to refer to with information about each society. There are three societies for women on campus: the Euzelian, Eunomian, and Modenian societies. There are two societies available for men to join: the Macedonian and Berean societies.

The Eunomian society president is Alden Easterling. When considering joining the Eunomian society she emphasizes the Eunomian’s commitment to growth together, saying, “Joining the Eunomian society means you are a part of our sisterhood and will always have a place within our society. Our Eunomian council strives to create events throughout the year that will help our members to connect and grow closer together.”

Destiny Riley is the president of the Modenian Society. She encourages students who are considering joining to consider the family aspect of societies, saying, “I would describe our society as a society that is very welcoming to all, and I would describe them as a big family, because once you’re a MO sister you are forever a MO sister.”

Berean president Matthew Blackwelder mentions how students find many opportunities to plug in around campus with their society, saying, “We're just a group of guys; we play video games and support each other. We are the most active group on campus, having events at minimum once a month.”

Joel Parker, Macedonian society president, speaks about the ways that the Macedonian society welcome new members, saying, “The Macedonian Society will have extracurricular activities that will provide many opportunities to meet new people. This society isn’t just a group of people. This is a family. We will have open arms like God has for us and we will welcome you.”

Each society has a different culture and many opportunities available for students considering joining this year. However, despite their differences they all hold in common their excitement about welcoming all students to their rush parties and joining their societies.


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