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Test Anxiety

Tests are the sort of things can mess a good day up very quickly. Understanding what sort of things may help keep you in the game per se is very important. During a week of testing, I always like to eat a good breakfast, and always allow myself to be rested for the upcoming tasks. Many students of Blue Mountain College have different things that might help them get over the testing anxiety that we have all experienced at some point in our lives.

Soccer player Madison Zamudio said, “One of the things that helps me the most if I feel anxious about a test is chewing gum.” Small things like this can make a huge difference in a student’s abilities to pass a test. When I was younger, I remember watching a Rocky movie to feel more confident the night before a test; that was a small boost of confidence that made a difference in my mentality.

There are many students that are able to just take a test but others that forget all the material. As soon as they see the test, they go blank. Another technique is studying everything little by little rather than cramming everything into your brain the night before. Reviewing is important as well, but remembering that a test is just a test at the end of the day is also in very important.

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