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The Game's AFoot!

Video Games and Axes Provide Fun for BMC Students

Blue Mountain College hosted an afternoon of fun and games on Thursday, September 9th. Shortly after noon, two trucks rolled onto campus, promising a variety of entertainment for the study-weary college students. One truck hauled a trailer that held axes and targets at which to throw them. The other truck carried a host of video game consoles, from the newest PlayStation 5 to the retro Nintendo64. The parking lot of the Admin Building soon filled with excited students, ready to release their frustrations in the toss of an axe or by leaving an opponent in the dust in an epic Mario Kart showdown. There were even corn hole boards set up for those waiting in line to throw an axe.

Both trucks were a success. The axe throwing attracted the largest crowd at first, but soon the Mario Kart prowess of Josiah Putnam and Matthew Blackwelder gathered a modest group at the game truck. These two champions went head to head, tying in the first set of four races but with Putnam taking the win in the tie-breaker race. “Playing the Mario Kart Berean champion was fun,” he shared with a smile. Other games featured in the game truck included Super Smash Bros, a Spider-Man game, and MBA 2K. In short, it was a gamer’s dream retreat.

Axe throwing was also a hit (pun intended). Though it was often difficult to get the axes to stick in the targets, there was still something delightful about hurling an axe through the air and watching it spin into the target waiting to receive it. Even hearing the axe clatter to the floor of the trailer after a failed attempt was a refreshment to the students’ ears. The instructor was encouraging and allowed each person to make numerous attempts, giving them one-on-one coaching and helpful tips. Whether tossing the axe with one hand or hefting it over your head with both hands, it was certainly an unforgettable experience.

At the time the trucks came to campus, students were finishing their fourth week of classes. Stress levels are consistently climbing, and these two activities came at just the right time. “I thought it was a great idea,” Putnam stated in reference to both trucks. “It was a very nice time to relax and get away from everything.” As the semester continues, hopefully the school will continue to provide similar opportunities to take a break, play some games, and socialize.


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