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The Tempest: Shakespeare's Show

On October 21st, the Blue Mountain Christian University English club went out to Collierville Town Square for both a delicious Italian meal and a viewing of a Shout-Out Shakespeare play. The trip’s overall goal was to see The Tempest, which was William Shakespeare’s final play.

Café Piazza was just as memorable of an experience as it was the last time that the English club was there. The wonderful pasta meals and ice-cold refreshments combined well with the warm and clear weather outside. Conversation was littered with everything from pop culture references to particulars about English, and even some Shakespeare in preparation for the play that they would move on to see next. After the mouthwatering meal, the group that was at the café met up with the rest of the English club members and invited plus ones that had shown up for the performance. Collierville Town Square was decorated quite well for the occasion, with soft lights and mossy stones setting the scene for the audience. It was not long until the blue sky set into one full of moonlight, starting the show off with a great atmosphere.

The Shout-Out Shakespeare group really amped it up this year. The play consisted of a multitude of actors, each introducing a different talent that made the show into something spectacular. Whether it was heartfelt laments of the queen, drunken laughter of the butler, strange actions of the duke, or the singing of the spirits, all attendees could find something to latch onto and enjoy. While many in the cast may have had to perform in more than one role, their coordination and interaction came together and made it work. The performance went above and beyond to tell the story of The Tempest.

After all the music, love, and madness that the play offered, the BMCU English club was more than satisfied. The Shout-Out Shakespeare cast presented the club with much to take away, whether it was a new favorite character to remember or an important message that could be conferred. The Tempest was written masterfully; Shakespeare surely applied what he had learned across the timespan of his career to this particular piece. The actors involved portrayed each role with pride and allowed the characters that Shakespeare created to come to life in a realistic manner. As for the English Club, they may have gained newfound inspiration for something to create in the future. This experience was both entertaining and educational for those who were able to attend.


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