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The Work, the Sport, the Bow

BMCU archer Baleigh Bray speaks about her journey with archery and her experiences as part of the BMCU archery team:

My journey with BMCU archery first started in my graduation year of 2021. I had just finished doing archery for five years, one year in middle school, and all four years in high school. I was at first nervous but excited to join BMCU’s archery team. When I joined, the team was small with only about eight members. With these eight we made memories, laughed, ate together, stayed on a bus for five straight hours together, and were always together throughout the year. Aside from all the adventures we were having we also struggled together, prayed together, brought each other back up, and held each other together.

I asked Coach Trey Humphreys what his goal was as the archery coach at BMCU and he responded, “My goal for the BMCU Archery team is to help the team members develop their craft through regular practice and intercollegiate competitions. Additionally, my goal is to help my team members grow mentally, physically, and spiritually into Christian leaders that can leave BMCU and be a light for Christ in whatever direction God leads them.”

Through this team, I can say I have had a growing connection with Christ. A team impacts each other’s lives through working together and being there for each other as well as being encouraging. That’s how I would describe the BMCU Archery team: together as one through Christ.

Club vs. Sport: Baleigh’s Archery Information

Archery is mainly considered a club at most schools, however; some highly disagree and think it should be viewed as a sport. As stated by backyardsidekick, “When archers are training for a competition or tournament, they are considered to be practicing archery as a sport. Yes, many will still consider backyard target shooting a hobby, but when done for the means of a competition, archery is considered a sport.” Not only is archery considered a sport because of competitions but it also takes a lot of skill, focus and precision. In archery, putting these skills to the test against others not only makes it a sport, but a difficult one. Archery is known all over the world for its intense competition and competitive environment. Archery competitions can be watched and found on TV, at schools and at colleges; many also just participate individually. Many championships are available, including the Olympics.

In conclusion, because of the skills, hard work, focus, and more that go into archery, I believe one could agree that it is a unique and competitive sport. Hopefully, many schools and colleges can see that archery is not just a group meeting, but an art.



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