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Turning the Desks

Quizzing Our Professors

Normally, the teachers ask us the questions about ourselves on the first day of school. This time, we are flipping it around and asking a few teachers from the different departments questions about their lives.

This edition, we have asked three professors. One is Dr. Mattox, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chair, & Professor of Biology. The next professor is Dr. Waddell, the Chair, Dean of Graduate Studies, & Professor of Education. The final professor for this edition is Dr. Mooneyhan, the Chair, Department of Kinesiology, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, & Blue Motion Coordinator.

1. Why did you choose your major and why did you decide to become a professor?

Dr. Mattox: I knew from an early age that I wanted to become a teacher. During my college days, I knew that I wanted to teach in higher education. I decided on majoring in science because of my love for nature, and it was more of a challenging major than many others.

Dr Waddel: I always wanted to be a reading intervention teacher and did a double-major in Elementary Education K – 8 and Special Education Learning Disabilities. I taught elementary and middle school for 13 years. I then became a supervisor of instruction in the Alabama school district where I had taught. While I was working on a doctorate, I had the opportunity to teach as an adjunct at the University of Alabama and really enjoyed college teaching. When I retired in Alabama, I came to Mississippi, first at Delta State University and then at BMC.

Dr. Mooneyhan: Because of my love for sports and movement.

2. What is your favorite pastime and why?

Dr. Mattox: I love running because of the health benefits and enjoying nature and the changing of the seasons. I also love collecting antiques.

Dr. Waddel: I have a pollinator garden and a vegetable garden in my backyard. I enjoy being outside and being active in digging, weeding, etc.

Dr. Mooneyhan: Snow Skiing. You get to be in God’s creation right in the middle of his beauty and you get to fly down a mountain at 50 miles an hour.

3. What is your favorite story from the Bible and why?

Dr. Mattox: My favorite book in the Old Testament of the Bible is Isaiah because of his prophecy of the coming of our Savior, and my favorite book in the New Testament is John because of his emphasis on the Love of God.

Dr. Waddel: Luke 2 – Jesus’ birth. My second grade teacher read us the passage at Christmas and had a small nativity scene in our classroom. At that time, my parents were not serious about church and faith. My teacher was, and I never forgot her reading the story straight from the Bible.

Dr. Mooneyhan: The story of marching around the wall. It shows that doing what you’re supposed to do and putting in the effort yields an effect.

4. What is your favorite animal and why?

Dr. Mattox: The border collie dog because I had one named Lila that ran with me every step on my runs.

Dr Waddel: Cats, because they are mysterious.

Dr. Mooneyhan: The eagle, it soars with ease and freedom.

5. What’s your favorite thing about Blue Mountain and why?

Dr. Mattox: My favorite thing about BMC is the Christian atmosphere that we have here. I love working in this environment.

Dr Waddel: BMC is a place where everyone can feel loved and accepted.

Dr. Mooneyhan: It is Christ centered.

We hope these questions will help you get to know these professors better as you start this new semester.


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