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Video Game Imagination

Smashing subterranean mayhem ensued in the sub with a doubles video game tournament. Mikey the turtle would have been very proud to see everyone enjoying his beloved video games. In fact, he was there, a statue on stage, watching everyone play and double down on their gaming. His brothers Leo, Ralph, and Donnie might have enjoyed it too. They could have double teamed like everyone else.

The double teams were playing games from Nintendo, particularly Super Smash Brothers. Each pair of two players played 3 rounds of up to 7 minutes each. Two rounds per game were played, but the third was employed if there was a tie.

There were people surrounding the gamers and cheering them on. There were so many people cheering the players on upstairs that one person asked the people studying downstairs how they could handle all the racket.

Mikey and his brothers would probably just have been fighting before a third round ensued from a tie, but nothing like that happened that night. Everyone just had a good time, despite no living mutant ninja turtles being there.

One of the ninja turtle bros would have probably wondered why the snacks at the party had no pizza, but the snacks did include candy, a donut cake, nacho chips and even some punch and bottles of water. There were even card games. Video game music sang through the speakers all night, which Ralph and Mikey would have probably danced to while Leo and Donnie watched on in amusement.

The Winning Teams

At 10:00, the winners were announced: Andrew and Sarah Snyder. Second place was Jarrett Henigan and Hayden Hopper.

Jarrett Henigan had this to say about video games: “When I was younger, video games were like an escape for me to get away from my boring life, but now that my life isn't so boring video games aren't as fun as they used to be. I still do enjoy playing them every now and again though. I especially like playing Smash because of the community it brings, as evidenced by how many people showed up to our last tournament.”

Sarah Snyder said that she enjoyed playing video games with her husband Andrew, who has loved video games since childhood, and commented: ”Winning was fun, but we also just enjoyed playing and doing something together and with our friends.”

To conclude, it seemed like everyone had a great time, but video games are not just games but a window to the world of imagination. What better way to enjoy imagination than to share it with others.


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