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What Is the Best Society for You?

Blue Mountain is known for its colorful campus life and plentiful social activities, with one of the most popular being the societies. These offer students a lifetime of friendships and many fun opportunities. For the ladies, there are three societies to choose from. These are the Eunomians, the Modenians, and the Euzelians. Many girls find it difficult to decide, and many can attest that there are stereotypes surrounding them. However, each one is unique in its own way and offers a variety of activities. So which one is the best for you?

The Eunomian society’s motto is Quality. According to the Vice President, Alden Easterling, quality includes their thoughts and actions. They want to include “quality in everything [they] do, through conversations and the actions [they] take”. It is important to them to reflect the society and the school well. Alden goes on to say that to the members this is a forever sisterhood, and you will always have friends to welcome you with open arms, support you, challenge you to grow, and to love you. Each member is valued and takes an important role within the society. Alden says that being a Eunomian has pushed her to grow in both a personal way and spiritual way. She hopes to offer the same to other girls looking to join.

Next up is the Modenians. Their motto is Originality, which means they value uniqueness and being God honoring in their actions. President Alaina Wilder says that it is important that the Modenians “be strong in our convictions, and that we do not mindlessly follow anything”. She values that the society seeks the truth and is not satisfied with anything else. The MO’s pride themselves in being a family who hold the same interests and values as students. Alaina says that they love to have movie and paint nights, and overall, just love spending time with one another. They even have Alumni Tea each spring, which allows past Modenians to visit their sisters and see how they and the society have grown.

Finally are the Euzelians. Their Motto is Culture, Poise, and Power, which aims to highlight the diversity of the society. President Ami Sherif says that the Euzelians pride themselves on welcoming girls from all walks of life. According to her, no matter your background or upbringings, you will have a spot. She says that the society “comes together to have fun, are there to help others be confident in who they are, and to inspire others in a Christ-like manner”. She continues to say that the Euzelians want girls to love who they are and to be confident with who they are. They have activities like Friendsgiving, Secret Santa, and Galentine's day. One of the things Ami loves about the Euzelians is that they love to get together and enjoy fellowship.

No matter what society you pick, you will be welcomed with open arms and have a sisterhood forever. While the societies discussed above may only be for women, there are options for men as well. They have two to choose from: the Bereans and the Macedonians. It is important to pick which society speaks to you, and know that this will be one of the best choices you ever make.


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