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Where is Your Allegiance?

During the first week of March, Garrett Auditorium was filled with people coming to watch BMCU’s new production Allegiance, a play which featured a talented cast, interesting stage decoration, and great sound effects. It was directed by Mrs. Christi Mitchell, who works in the university’s Fine Arts department. The play gave the audience a lot to think about with everything from persecution to redemption on display.

Allegiance included suspense, hurt, anger, and even love. The end of the play was especially insightful, showing that even someone who has sinned deeply can be redeemed through Jesus. It showed that everyone has a choice of who to be loyal to, and brought up the question: where is your allegiance?

Two central cast members were Caley Sims, who acted as Anna, and Dr. Michael Megelsh, who acted as the General. When asked how she felt about her role itself, Sims said that she enjoyed it. She also noted that she “was really honored to play this character [and] was honored to bring her to life.” When asked if she learned anything through her experience in Allegiance, Sims replied, “I believe as I got involved with Allegiance that I got connected to God even more. I’ve noticed myself praying more and wanting to know more about the Lord and how to stand for him if or when the time comes.”

Megelsh also had insight into lessons his role taught him, stating that, “a central lesson that [he] took away was to remember the challenges of live performances, but also how the challenges the West family faced are real in most of the world because of persecution.” He also shared the way his role made him feel, stating that “villainous characters in a drama [come] with challenges; however, I enjoyed playing a character that was diametric to most of the cast.” He added that he thinks “that what the theater department is doing is exceptional.”

When asked about his thoughts on the play, audience member Brandon Milford said that the locking of the door really gave the actions a sort of edge, and that the acting on the floor really amped the performance up for him. He pointed out the soldiers particularly, stating that “there was an intensity [he felt] when the soldiers [were] around.” When asked what he learned from Allegiance, he stated, “Don’t take rights for granted and have the courage to stand up for Jesus.”

Allegiance provided a much-needed insight into what persecution could look like in the future and reminded its viewers that anyone can find redemption in God.


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